Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've eaten more animals in Cape Town than in the rest of my life combined . . .

Greetings all! Aubrey here. The resident (co-resident) law student/Master's student. The third week of our trip has offered us a whole new experience. Working and commuting in Cape Town. Like most major cities Cape Town knows the heart-wrenching time of day known as rush hour. Luckily, and unlike some of our counter-parts, Daniel, Matt, Ben and I are all interning in Cape Town's CBD (central business district). Daniel and I are at GrassRoot Soccer (; a really great organization that teaches kids (mostly in and from local townships) about HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. FIFA built them a nice Soccer for Hope field and building inside Khayelitsha where kids can play on a nice turf field and have some classrooms to learn and do programs in. We've been to the site twice so far and it's really amazing to see these kids having a great time and learning valuable information at the same time. As you may know, the World Cup is also coming up and Sony has been kind enough to donate 15,000 tickets to kids in the GRS programs across the country. Daniel and I are crossing our fingers that we will get to get in on the ticket windfall. It was suggested today that we may get to go to the Cameroon-Netherlands game (apparently the best in Cape Town). Keeping our fingers crossed!

And now I'll leave you with a list of animals I have so far eaten while in Cape Town, starting with the least interesting: chicken, cow, pig, lamb, deer, kudu, elan, ox, wildebeest, ostrich, crocodile, warthog. We'll keep this list going as the weeks go by.

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