Friday, June 11, 2010

Shikorina in South Africa Part II

The most impressive thing I have done so far (since I last posted) was shark cage diving. I cannot believe I went in the water and had a great white shark right in front of my face. Actually it hit the cage close to where I was. It was the craziest experience in my life. Another place in the world to do this is Australia but you need to travel on boat for 20 hours. Here we traveled 25 minutes and we arrived. But it was not a pleasant 25 minutes, out of the five of us that went, we all got so sick. First time in my life getting sea sick ... so what? You put up with it and just go in the water and swim with the sharks!! Haha that was great

Another crazy experience was to go to a party in the Township. It began at 1 pm and it ended about 7 pm. The vibe I felt there is only comparable to Rio de Janerio, Brazil. It was about 80% locals and 20% tourists. They had a braii and the food was amazing !!!! It was a crazy Sunday, but it was nice to go there instead of our traditional place in Camps Bay on Sunday nights. But do not get me wrong Camps Bay continues to be my favorite place in Cape Town.

Other than activities, it has been two weeks so far in the internship. At work the cleaning lady only speaks to me in Afrikans, and I have no idea what she is saying. But I have picked up a few words! We get to the internship on mini-shuttles, they are super cheap! Its nice because we also get a sense of how the majority of South Africans commute daily to work. Just the thought that mini-shuttles could stop running for the World Cup bothers me. I guess in this case since I use this form of public transportation I feel the same way as locals. And by the way speaking of it, the World Cup begins today, and my next post will be about it!! South Americans have invaded this city, and that is great for me ;)

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