Monday, May 31, 2010

Shikorina in South Africa

Hey all this is who Ben referred to as “Chica-Rina”, but my actual name is “Shikorina” it is “dear” for Tigrinya in Eritrea! But haha that is my African nickname, this is Karinna here. My travel buddies, now my friends, have said pretty much all! But here is some of the mental notes I have taken. This city is very modern, not what I expected…even tap water is drinkable and is better than in DC !!! Now that is something! I have never been to a place like this, especially in the developing world!!! Coming from Latin America, yes I would have “died” doing this.

Another interesting aspect of this city is the amounts of white people I see. Partially because of where we are staying, but UCT feels like the USA sometimes, same racial clicks in a way. But cool stuff on campus such as Rhodes Status and this room where Martin Luther King was banned from speaking and where Kennedy spoke!!! And the best part of it all was that professor Hirchmann told us this story because he witnessed this at his time in UCT. How great is to have a professor from the country we are passionately studying?

I do not think I have ever eaten that many different animals in my life ... so far, crocodile, ostrich, deer, warthog, oxtail ... my favourite is bambie !!! But even when we do not eat exotic animals we get to go to places to try some Cape-Malaysian food with a beautiful view in front of table mountain or even better go out to dinner to the Langa Township, THE BEST PLACE IN CT!!!

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  1. I just sounded like an animal hater, its actually sad to see these animals and then eat them, I am starting to understand vegetarian people for the first time in my life!