Wednesday, June 23, 2010

South Africa Program Students Featured on TV!

Univision Futbol's Horacio Scagliotti interviews Amparo and Karinna (partial translation below), two women creating their own story during the World Cup. They are doing development work through their internships at Inyathelo, the South African Institute for Advancement. Amparo describes how Inyathelo aids smaller organizations working to improve the quality of life and provide social programs for impoverished populations. Karinna notes that working with Inyathelo has given her an opportunity to understand the nation beyond the experience of a tourist. She has traveled to different neighborhoods and spoken to many different people, helping her to gain a truer understanding of the "real" South Africa. The two are taking a short break from working to improve the quality of life and distribution of resources for thousands of South Africans to enjoy the World Cup festivities in the barrio of Gugulethu. Fellow program participants Justin, Christiane and Daniel also appear in the video.

Partial Translation:

Univision: Many youth are here in Cape Town to enjoy the World Cup festivities, and some of these are creating their own stories. That is the case for Latin Americans Karinna and Amparo.

Amparo: I'm working for Inyathelo, an association that helps other organizations with development, particularly small organizations that are aiding poor sectors of the population receiving social programs in South Africa.

Karinna: I've had the opportunity to go to townships, to work with poorer youth, talk with the people, to converse with the people, to understand how they live. It's very different than the tourist experience, to go to the "real" South Africa.

Univision: They are enjoying the festive environment as a result of the World Cup this weekend in Gugulethu. The institute they work for helps to create a better distribution of resources, particularly for vulnerable populations, and improving the quality of life of thousands of people receiving social programs.

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