Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Weeks In

As the first two weeks of the seminar portion of our trip is drawing to a close, I spent some time and reflected on some experiences thus far.

Having traveled a decent amount and living on my own in a variety of settings, I figured South Africa would be pretty easy to adjust to. However, I underestimated the developmental transition SA is still going through after my electronics in my checked luggage was jacked. I also came to terms with an egregiously inappropriate porter and African internet (think dial-up circa 1999 and hair pulling).

However, I am having the time of my life with an exciting and diverse group of SIS graduate students (with the exception being me) interested in learning and experiencing as much of South Africa as possible. One of my proudest accomplishments thus far has been learning the shimi dance from the lively Peruvian, Chica-Rina.
With these awesome people, we have been traveling the past 14 days around Cape Town in our Mystery Machine. We have gone to the southwestern tip of Africa, and many places in between. Each new lecture and site visit provides a better glimpse of the incredibly unique, diverse, and beautiful characteristics that make South Africa what it is.

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