Monday, May 31, 2010

First Day at the Internship

After a busy two weeks of lectures, site visits, sight-seeing and adaptation, we are starting the internship component of the program today. The last two weeks were informative, fun, and at times tiring, but overall a comprehensive introduction to the history, politics, and development of South Africa. We really crammed as much as we could into the two weeks and I feel I've learned quite a bit about the country pre and post apartheid. All the lecturers and practitioners on the field who talked to us were engaging and informative and the visits to organizations and must-see tourist spots enhanced the experience.
We visited the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point and Cape Aguilas, the southermost tip of Africa. This past weekend we were at a Game Reserve on the Garden Route. We roamed the terrain with zebras, rhinos, giraffes, lions, springbok, wildebeest and other animals and then had a huge buffet dinner where we tried some of the wildebeest and eland. Delicious meat. We had previously tasted kudu, alligator, warthog, ostrich, and springbok, so we are adding to our list of exotic meats and to our growing bellies. We have also eaten Cape Malay food and North Indian food, which was all delicious!
So now we begin the new chapter of this program, which is the internship. We are all in different organizations, in different locations, and hopefully overall we will learn and grow professionally and personally in our respective internships. Although it is only a month, I feel like I will gain skills and knowledge that I can apply in the future.
I am looking forward to the World Cup in a few days. I have tickets to two games! I'm looking forward to Mexico vs. South Africa, the first game. Vamos MEXICO! (i'll be happy for SA, if they win, but this is unlikely.)

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